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The Dehu Gaon is known and recognized as 'Punya Bhoomi' which has been the soil which has been sanctified by the presence of the Great Saint of Maharashtra - Sant Tukaram Maharaj. The power of devotion of the Great Saint of Maharashtra Sant Tukaram Maharaj, is fully alive and vibrant even 400 years after the Saint is believed to have proceeded to Vaikunth, with the physical body. Each year, Lacs of pilgrims known as "Warkaris", trek on foot, the holy pilgrimage from Dehu Gaon to Pandharpur, amidst singing of Abhangs, Kirtans, Bhajans and the holy name of Vithal Rakhumai of Pandharpur culminating in the Darshan of Lord Vithal and Rakhumai at Pandharpur on "Aashad Ekadashi". On the beautiful hillock at the foot of the ancient hill of Shankarwadi, within the area of Dehu Gaon, and at Dehu Road, on the Western side of the old Bombay-Pune Highway, is situated the abode of Lord Subramaniya - Lord Karthikeya and His Divine Consorts - Valli and Devayani.